Facility introduction

Name Long-term care health facility Sukoyakasou
Address 4-17-7, Sumiredai, Seto-shi, Aichi, 489-0904, Japan
TEL 0561-48-2232 
FAX 0561-48-2628
Beds 100
Nursing services Admission services/Short stays

About long-term care health facility

Long-term care health facility

A Long-term care health facility is a facility which provides not only nursing and care under the medical supervision of a doctor but also daily services such as nutrition management, meals and bathing in order to support the independence of elderly people requiring nursing care and aiming to help them return to their families. Care services are conducted by specialist staff including physicians to meet the conditions and goals of each individual user, and a system is set up to provide peace of mind even late at night.

About admission (long-term admission) services

For those who do not require hospitalization but for whom life at home is difficult, we offer a system of 24-hour nursing and care as well as services for daily life. Admission is intended for those who are in the stable phase of their medical condition and who have received Nursing care requirement certification 1-5 under their nursing insurance.

Short-term admission service (short stays)

This is an option for those who are taken care of at home but whose caretakers require a rest from the fatigue of caregiving, or cases where it is temporarily difficult to provide care at home. (Pick-up and send-off services available)

Consultation times

Weekdays: 9:00AM to 4:00PM
(The patient or a family member should please come)


Aichi Loop Railway 10 minutes on foot from Nakamizuno Station / 3 minutes by car from Setoshi Station
JR circulating bus 6 minutes on foot from Nakamizuno bus stop
Meitetsu Seto Line 3 minutes by car from Shinseto Station

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